Harm’s Heirarchy — S2 Post-Draft

*Nothing here is official, only my opinion. I encourage others to do their own Power Rankings too.* Shout-out to everyone selected in the Future Kings Season Two Draft!

Masters Tier

  • EastR

The legend of John continues as he improved his draft stock by three full rounds in one season. There’s an arguement to be made that Regent fell further than he should have, but Zyplix isn’t complaining. I believe Cory when he said he will outpreform his showcase stats, which might make for a less eventful gen chat… or maybe more eventful. I’m not sure who the starting four is, but I do know that Legacy is a cooler tag than Pounced.

  • Robbery Boys

Big Baby Bonj needs to leave the ghost of Dominican Joe in the Caribbean. Last season’s ROB might have given CaLP a serious fight for the championship, but we will truely know. This team’s average K/D is really strong, all three draft picks seem solid from the few maps we’ve seen. Doyle seems willing to fill any role needed, which will allow the rest to just slay out.

  • Phantoms

Midround is in a position to be a really strong third best player, similar to the first edition of Season One ROB. Robby is one of the five best players in the league, and I thought Tito looked great as a hyper-aggro sub. He also shoots a lot of bullets into dead bodies, so he could be in the middle of some gen chat BM and rivalries. Ghosted might be a sleeper pick as a fourth starter, if that’s the plan going into Week One. Snapza (or whatever his name is now) will ask for a trade if he’s not starting, as he continues to search for a league less trash than FK.

Gold Tier

  • Decimation

Los and JG will always be two of the top players on the map, but I’m not completely sold on the rest of the roster. Having them in the second tier might end up looking stupid, and I’m prepared to own it when Bam goes off for 40 in the first map of the season. JOLO had moments in the showcase and we really haven’t seen much of Serg. I’m excited to see what this team brings in Week One.

  • Mugiwara

Z-God drafted Renzo in the first round to give every other team a chance. Echo is probably the highest skilled teammate Zoro’s had. Emperor Hiro had a bit of a weird Season One, where he was always popping in and out of the lineup, but he did make a TOTW. BMAN1HUNNED is the best tag in the league, hopefully he drops 1HUNNED on a new controller.

  • Carnes a La Plancha

It’s an absolute outrage to have the defending champs so far down the list. Will Rinne and Oozle make up for the loss of Cizy and John? Possibly, but will likely come up just short. Season One CaLP was so much farther ahead of everyone last season that it’s hard to place value on La Plancha and Zenok individually, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t among the top players in the league. Along with Decimation, this is another ranking I might end up regretting. Go CaLP.

Silver Tier

  • PuLse

Cizy is going from championship level role-player to team captain. Wapo might be a complete crackhead, but with such a small sample size it’s hard to give him the superstar status. EasyHD aka Valo aka showcase dodger is supposed to be pretty good. PuLse is another team that I’m not informed enough about to be sure they are a top team but they definitely could be. If this was a Season One roster, they would be in Masters, but the league saw a huge wave of talent in the past month.

  • United Islands

Sells and Brady are a duo? if that’s true, then UI’s draft became even more predictable. Smiley can finally prove he is an elite level CoD specimen as he promised in gen and twitch chat, many times. UI had a super weird Season One, where they lowkey ghosted until game time and underpreformed majorly. I am again probably overrating them, but eventually Hydro’s teammates will shoot back three times in a five-game series. If Sells is nasty then this team will be solid and fun to watch.

  • I’m Victorious

Similar to PuLse, this would have been a strong roster in Season One. They are still good, no doubt, but I’ll need to see more of Dobz as a top player and of Waffle in general. Nano and Hyphyboi has short but sweet appearances in Season One, and Doyle swears Hyphy is majorly slept on. MRob is really good at CoD, as long as IV are getting wins he will be a constant on the FK TOTW.

  • Skyline

Shmax is weird for telling everyone he sucks at the game even though he was a UNIT on the map in Season One. Their record was shit, but they had an almost even map count somehow. Mexi was among the best last season and that should translate into S2. Joya is clearly improving, and Falco is the MIP, but it might not be enough to beat the stronger teams… unless Zay is nasty. He is the new Skyline wildcard. I’m sure Jimmy will be rooting for another deep playoff run.

Bronze Tier

  • Evo Risez

I’m not a JRocc disbeliever, but that doesn’t make me a believer. He went from fringe starter to keeper (?). If Nightmares is just looking to draft the homies and have a good time, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We play games for fun after all. Karambit was a super streaky player in Season One, so if he’s able to keep up with the league’s best then Evo can win some maps. Unless Ino is the best player on this roster, the void left by Zoro leaving was not filled. Btw Nick hasn’t updated Cold War since Nukes lost in Playoffs, but he is a Gold player in Valorant.

  • Rockets

Gravity believed the only way he could contribute to a FK roster was by captaining a team, then had Prox draft last minute. Prox looks really good, potentially even a top 5–10 level player. Showcase Furmayne is 10x better than Season One Furmayne. Mist will be anchoring on the nearest heady while Grav and Chico try to keep up with the rest of the sub duos in the league. Optimistically we see the 2018 Rockets, but realistically we might see the 2021 Rockets.

Week One Predictions


  • Robbery Boys 3–2 Skyline
  • Decimation 2–3 EastR
  • Rockets 0–3 PuLse


  • CaLP 3–2 United Islands
  • Evo Risez 0–3Mugiwara
  • Phantoms 3–1 I’m Victorious

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